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Thread: Automated wireless photography for events

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    Question Automated wireless photography for events

    Hey guys,

    I am doing my very first paid gig and I need to transmit photos that I take onto a slide show insantly. Ive been trying to find online the workflow and what I will need to get for the instant transmission. If there is anyone who has done this before I will be truly grateful for some tips and help.

    Some questions:
    1) What equipment do I need for transmission?
    2) Do the photos need to go though a computer before it is shown on live photo wall?
    3) What should I look for when creating the workflow?

    If I could get a skeleton workflow that will be so helpful and I will forever be grateful!

    Thanks in advance <3

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    It depends on the make of your camera. Have you googled using keywords like "wireless tethering"?

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    Default Re: Automated wireless photography for events

    First thing first, what camera are you using? that will determine what can be or cannot be done. Also what kind of wireless solution to use.

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