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Thread: Panasonic DMC-GH5

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    GH5 firmware due to be released end September, DC-GH5 Firmware Update Version 2.0

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    Hi there.

    Panasonic Singapore seems to be out of the BLF19 battery. However, some shops seem to carry them still.
    Does anyone have experience buying these batteries at local shops recently? Did they get their stock from Panasonic overseas? Or are they fakes which are to be avoided?

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    I am using different 3rd party batteries. Seems okay.

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    Latest firmware update to Ver 2.2 dated 11-Dec-2017
    GH4 GX8 EM1 VG30 A5000 D750
    P: 12-35F2.8 35-100F2.8 100-300, 25F1.4 O:7-14 12-40F2.8 45F1.8 75F1.8

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    I have been using 3rd partied battery with Japanese Cell for both 5D Mk4 and GH5. All got from Taobao. You can specify Sanyo, Panasonic, Samsung or LG cells to be installed with different MAh. They will install for you with the chip and casing. Ultimately, You will know what you are getting. I use it since day 1, Sonfar so good, I do not see any different in performance for Photo or video. In fact some even last longer than the OEM if you get higher Mah. They are not the cheapest but definately cheaper than OEM.

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