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Thread: kingston cf card problem 1Gb

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    Default kingston cf card problem 1Gb

    Just bought a 1 gd card kingston, use it afew times, works.

    Today, doing a shoot, the card records 300 images, go home download, it says corrupted and unreadable, and cannot download.

    Who can help here?

    When put inside card reader, it reads toshiba1g00
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    Default Re: kingston cf card problem 1Gb

    who knows how to solve this?
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    Default Re: kingston cf card problem 1Gb

    hmmm whcih camera is this? did you open the door or switch off when its writing to the card?
    or maybe when you were uploading or deleting the files the battery on the camera jus died?
    becos the card can be corrupted if the powersupply is disrupted when writing tot he card
    kingston shld have lifetime warranty i woudl advise you to return the card to them to ask.
    that's the best way

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    Default Re: kingston cf card problem 1Gb

    Try Image Rescue

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    Default Re: kingston cf card problem 1Gb

    i have tis pb also
    bought SD card at mustafa
    test on the spot wif my samsunf i5 and seem ok
    brought oversea and take pic
    1st 2 days ok
    than 2rd it say READ ERROR and hang my digi-cam also
    lucky bought extra SD card

    brough back sg test ard
    sometime can read sometime cannot read the card
    who can help???

    try to insert the sd card direct to lap top to read
    cannot even detect "movable drive"
    does not mean no chance to recover my data?


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