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Thread: Is lens hood for a 20mm lens necessary?

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    Default Is lens hood for a 20mm lens necessary?

    Can anybody help?

    I am wondering if such a lens hood (hb-4) will be effective to cut off glare on a nikon 20mm..

    Anybody used it before??

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    You'll be surprised at how easily a wide angle can flare around the edges especially in the sun! The problem is that light can "bend" round corners and this becomes a real problem with wide angle lens because it is designed to absorb or let in light at a much wider angle. With a 20mm lens, it's definitely an issue.

    I always use my HK-14 on my 20mm f/2.8 AIS when I'm outdoors in the sun. Its cumbersome to carry but it saves a lot of shots at the end of the day!


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