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    Does any shifu here know any tutorial for jpeg files into gif file? trying to scan thru photoshop help but no luck. Any experts on photoshop willing to teach?

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    can use adobe imageready,
    photoshop can save as gif.

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    hmmm i suspect what you mean is to use a series of jpg files to make into an animated gif..
    is that it?

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    ya thanks for the clarification

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    If you wanna make an animated gif, u need ImageReady (will be there if u hv photoshop)
    hmm. u need to create the "animation", then use "Save Optimised as" to save the animated gif file.

    how to go about doing it is not easy to explian here though..

    Trying click "Window" then open the "animation" from there, u should be able to figure out

    if you jus wanna save a jpeg into a gif, jus use "cltr alt shift S" to save for web and select gif

    hope this helps abit..

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    if you wanan just work on a jpg file and save as a gif file in photoshop you dun have to open image ready, you can just go file> save for web ( cant remember if the name issit save optimised as, replying off hand) then it will give you .gif option.

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    Try using Paintshop Pro 8 or 9 which comes with GIF Animation which should be easier to use.

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    thanks for all the replys. I think i need image ready to do all that. going thru all the tutorials on
    creating animations now. tho i have a series of photos but really hard to put them together for gif.

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    have you folks tried a freeware - irfanview b4? it can save as gif also but not animations..
    a very small and powerful software. have used it more often than photoshop when editing image size or cropping th picture.
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    love irfan!
    it even installs on winxp without admin rights .. sth which is useful on public computers..

    there's a scientific prog as well imageJ
    its written in java so abit slow but then works as well as irfan
    there even web version of it.. so dun even need to download...

    of cos there's good old gimp

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    Actually I had a reply from a cser that he actually used fireworks for his gif files. Hope it might help some of u out there who is exploring into gif files.


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