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Thread: Replacing D3 main board?

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    Default Replacing D3 main board?

    So I have two D3's where one has problems with focus, and one which is perfectly working. The one with the problem has the upgraded buffer, and I was wondering how difficult it would be to replace the two boards, so that I could get the larger buffer in my perfectly working D3? I have repaired several D80's with the famous ERR, which Fatique made an excellent guide for.


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    Default Re: Replacing D3 main board?

    Take note that all the settings (Auto Focus accuracy, Auto Exposure accuracy, Shutter Speed, Aperture accuracy, CCD positioning) are stored in the main board. Since these settings are unique for each camera, you need to do all these adjustments after swapping the main board.

    There's another procedure wherein you need to copy all the memory contents of the old main board and write it in the new main board but you need a special service software to do that. Someone leaked this software before but Nikon came up with a new firmware so that you can't use that service software. So if you have upgraded the camera's firmware, only Nikon could replace the main board for you
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