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Thread: Accident involving MEWP

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    Default Re: Accident involving MEWP

    Wait until someone runs that crane onto a power line and watch what happens...they'll never do it again!

    I was taught in drivers ed that 'accident' is not a proper term to use for collisions or whatever despite the prevalence of the term used to describe such events. The fact is when these things happen someone was 'asleep at the wheel' and therefore it is a deliberate action. This is the legalistic basis for being at fault and therefore responsible. Everyday when I drive or everywhere I look nowadays I see morons looking at their phones while in control of a moving big mass of metal with no regard to their or others safety. Now I hear talk about catching Pokemons at 90 kph....that raises a big WTF for me personally. The world is a real PITA sometimes...
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    Default Re: Accident involving MEWP

    Quote Originally Posted by catchlights View Post
    from what I know,
    #1, to drive a truck in this size, you need class 5 driving licence, to sit for class 5 licence driving test, you need to have valid class 3 for more than one year and above 21 years old.
    #2, to operate the crane, you need another licence, please read from the link I posted earlier.
    #3, all machinery, have to go thru inspection periodically to get a cert for safe to use.

    for this case, I think can classified as human error.
    I am afraid you may need to check again for your answers to 2 and 3.

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    All vehicles, including these cranes, need to undergo periodic inspection. For goods vehicle (the category goods vehicle is very broad and include such construction vehicles), they undergo yearly inspection. Those over 10 years undergo six-monthly inspection

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    Quote Originally Posted by catchlights View Post
    My point is; any type of training courses pertaining operating any machinery, the trainers will stress on all the safety aspects first before letting the students know how to operate the machinery.
    so why this operate didn't lower the broom arm before he move off? are you telling me they missed this during his training?
    I believe the training course are design before shelter walkway become very common in HDB estate. These accidents are more common now because of the shelter walkway have become more common. The driver didn't intend to drive off with the crane extended, he just want to reposition his vehicle so that the other vehicle can pass thru. This repositioning operation become very stressful when the other vehicles are honking him to hurry up
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    Quote Originally Posted by Octarine View Post
    Sure. It's the period between two accidents.
    This is a good one!

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