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    My boyfriend used to be a photographer forced by certain circumstance to turn his back to his favorite, one and only occupation. Now, I want to make a website for him where to upload his pictures. The thing is that I am in a big dilemma for choosing a webhosting product and site-creating tool. I was searching the net recently and found frontpage, dreamweaver, sitekreator, etc. I gave it a shot w/ this sample site here:
    But still your advice will be well appreciated. Here it is what I need with regard to the sitebuilder:
    - to be free
    - not to require any html knowledge
    - to be, relatively speaking, easy to use
    - to have nice galleries

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    Lightbulb Re: Are you exhibiting online

    you certainly know how to attract attention with such heading? hehe!

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    Try or
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    I find Fotopic is quite easy to use and do not require any Web Creation skills

    And it's free too...


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