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Thread: URGENT!!!: travelling with tripod!!

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    Same story as most of them... handcarried my bulky CompuTrekker AW with a tripod attached onto an SQ 777 with no problems. But on departure from Melbourne, I was asked to remove my laptop for screening separately at the Australian Customs. It's required that you do so. But no problems with a tripod without bag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsbn
    Thnx for da info! Will come in handy!

    The last time I brought mine to Sydney they allowed me to bring it on board and I joked that a terrorist could modify my Slik Pro400DX into a 3 gauge shotgun.
    Not wise to joke about security matters in the airport. When I was in Kashmir (last week), I had to strip my D70 and emptied the battery from the camera.

    As for the tripod, had it check-in in the luggage.
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    any one brought tripod to Thailand? Mine is a 055+488RC2. I was thinking of strapping 055 to the bag, the most removed 488RC2. Hopefully they would allow it with the slightly shorter length

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