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How's the title ? Both blends well right ?
Somehow it crosses our mind to feature her this Sat morning.
Nickname/Alias: 'AH YING' during her sch days.

Many used to shoot her in sweet images but getting her 'not' to smile, consider tough ya ?
Do Ah Lians smile a lot ?? Hmm =X

With an attitude 'Dread for Sch', how about striking her with this word 'Skiving' halfway thru lesson ?
Her smile breaks 100% naturally.
As for outfits, 2-3 sets of sch uniforms, sch bag, comics, headphones etc...
Get her dress-up as sloppy as possible (always dream of skiving)

DATE: 16 JUL 2016 [SAT]

TIME: 0900hrs - 1130hrs [inclusive 1/2hr break & change outfits]

VENUE: Favour the West

Slots Allocation: Max 6:1

Cost: $60/- per pax

To join & register, kindly pls sms/whatsapp to
i) GERALD @ 9337 7253
ii) JASON @ 9363 7793

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