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    What I say may be predijucial to olympus EM5 MK1 the 1st generation but reading online, I would give it a miss..
    high potential of failure ( image stabalizer ,just days ago bns offering dead em5mk1 for $50 no charger or batttery
    for parts unless you have other failures that this is really a piece of junk too expensive to repair/replace might as well buy one that is working). EM5 mk2 will be more expensive so that makes EM10 MK2 a better option considering features it comes with vs MK1. Of course if you like Fuji by all means.
    I own a EM5mk1. Its been like 3 years already and I have no problem with this gem. Took many, many beautiful photographs with it and even use it for work. Many people say I take beautuful photographs but it's actually due to this camera. Will still be using it until my next upgrade.

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    I saw my friends carry a DSLR camera with lens and it took up a haversack. I carry a EM5 with 2-3 lens and need only a relatively small camera bag. I mostly take photographs during tour so size and weight matters a lot.Mirrorless cameras have come a long way and it is capable of very good photographs. But you want sports action photography, DSLR will be more suitable.

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    I moved from Nikon D600 to Sony a6000 - no regrets. What i lose in image quality I gain in convenience.

    Image quality: I usually look at my photos on a 55 inch TV...that is a LOT larger than 5R etc. And i have no issues. Low light / higher ISO, yes the D600 was better. but most of my shots are in daylight so i accept the image quality.

    Convenience: not just the physical size, but, the ability to shoot RAW (i always have) and JPG and then stream the jpgs to whomover i am with that wants a copy 'now'. i love that. Most people look at photos on phones and the JPG is fine for that.

    One other comment: after reading a lot about Fuji and Sony, i was hesitant to buy Fuji's system because of the way it renders colour. I still have doubts but have not tried. Sony's major criticism was from Ken Rockwell who thinks the menu system is awkward. I do not find it awkward at all.

    My advice to anyone out there is to look at a sony a6000 or a5100 as the prices are REALLY good, and experiment. Upgrade later.

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