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Thread: Missing Nikon 70-200 :(

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    Default Missing Nikon 70-200 :(

    Hi all,

    I left a Nikon 70-200 f2.8 vii at Downtown East D' Marquee on 10th May 2016 evening. I went back to search for it but to no avail. It belongs to my friend and now I have to save up $2k+ to get back one for him and it was a gift from his Fiance during his 21st birthday. :/

    The lens's serial number is: 20077754

    If you happen to come across it please kindly contact me at 92368385. I have also filed a police report for it. Please help as $2k is really a super huge sum to me.

    Thank you in advance!
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    Default Re: Missing Nikon 70-200 :(

    SO you lost something on 10th MAy... then only now you decided to open a thread and ask if anyone here saw it or found it? ... Date now is 29th June.

    wow.. to be honest. I'm speechless.

    Chances getting it back is as good as 1%. Sorry for your loss and nonetheless. Good luck with getting it back...

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    The hard truth.

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    Default Re: Missing Nikon 70-200 :(

    sorry to hear that.

    it is a long shot for posting online after it happened so long.
    anyway, all the best.
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    Sorry to hear that.
    Hope you'll learnt your lesson by not borrowing what you can't afford.
    It's an expensive lesson.

    Anyway have you lodge a police report on yr lost items? Then u can inform trade in shops in SG about this lens. Hope you can get some leads on it.

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    Default Re: Missing Nikon 70-200 :(

    probably sold long ago.

    wah loan friends lens then never take care..

    great man..

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    Default Re: Missing Nikon 70-200 :(

    Certainly a very expensive lesson learned.
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    Default Re: Missing Nikon 70-200 :(

    The thing is a gift from his fiance. Shouldn't had borrowed it in the first place.

    If borrowed, better take care of it. How can things be taken lightly and lose it. If lost, better search early. Not wait until now then post.

    Goes a lot to show the mentality behind.

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    Default Re: Missing Nikon 70-200 :(

    Good Luck Bro. At least I can extract many important lessons here for lost of a borrowed 2K item
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