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    taken at about 2100hrs.
    used front curtain flash to capture the motion in midair, then let the shutter open
    for another 1sec or so.

    what do u guys think of this?

    rear curtain flash next time?
    thanks for your comments.

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    depends on the effects u want to achieve. here the lights "shines" and the backgd is also seen thru the bodies. is that what u want?

    the other way to do it is to take two shots: one with flash and ppl jumping, and a separate one without, with cam on tripod. then u merge the pics post imaging.

    BTW i will also do something to the yellow cast in the night sky due to the sodium street lightning. find them ugly, very unreal.
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    interesting shot, i can vaguely see the 2 guys preparing to jump at the backgroup


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