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Thread: Sigma 24-70 DG MACRO

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    Default Sigma 24-70 DG MACRO

    Anyone has any experience to share on this lens? Thought it is quite a good lens both performance and value wise because of the MTF charts and the wide aperture.

    It would also be great if experiences with lemons can be shared here.

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    Default Re: Sigma 24-70 DG MACRO

    this is one lens of which reviews are very mixed. some say its horibly soft, not usable wide open. others say its raelly sharp.

    but if you do get it, bear in mind its 800grams. dont scoff at it, cos just yesterday i was carrying around my 350D + tamron 28-75 (500grams), walking around sentosa from 1pm -630pm. my neck was aching, and this morning i woke with an even more sore neck.

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    i have the sigma 24-70, and i actually quite like the heavy-weight. with a light lens e.g kit lens, i tend to have a lot of camera shake, so i like this which is heavier. actually its good training, cos' if u intend to get more lenses in the future, they will weigh even more than this, for example the canon 70-200 f2.8s.

    i did'nt get a lemon copy of this lens. as with all third party lenses, they are better or almost as good as the 1st party ones, only if you get a good copy. very pleased with this lens i got from MSCOLOR, as it was not soft, and it did not have front-focusing, which is a common issue with this lens.
    so i advice you to try it out extensively at the shop, before you buy. don't be shy, and ask the salesman to let u try another copy to see if it is better. also, if your lens has a focusing problem, sigma service centre can service it FOC!

    BTW, if u wanna see a good comparison between the Canon 24-70 f2.8L USM and Sigma 24-70 f2.8EX DG Macro, go here:

    basically the pros and cons of the lenses are:
    less QC issues, meaning less chance of getting a lemon
    USM (sigma is still quite fast though, absolutely no focus hunting on my copy)
    build quality (i doubt many would require weather sealing)
    L lens "prestige"
    future compatability?
    full time manual focus
    decent build quality
    not USM speed but still fast and no hunting
    sharp and saturated colours if ur copy is good
    -noisy (though quick) focusing)
    -almost as heavy as canon, lighter than tamron
    -wide 82mm diameter (more expensive filters)
    -no full time manual focus
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