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Thread: Sexpo Exhitbition (18 Nov - 20 Nov)

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    Hi all,

    I am helping a friend, one of the event organisers, to be the photographer for the event.

    There will be lots of babes, novelties as well as interesting seminar, contest, competitions, etc. The event will be held at Singapore Expo from 18-20 Nov, 10am - 10pm.

    I am looking for photographers to help me with this event. The chosen photographers will have free access to the exhibition. Also, each photographer will be given a pair of complimentary tickets for the day. As myself is not getting any monetary reward for the event, please do not expect to be paid.

    18 Nov 2005, Friday

    19 Nov 2005, Saturday

    20 Nov 2005, Sunday

    Please feel free to pm me or send me a mail at

    The following are some information...
    Official website

    Some media report

    Exhibition information

    P.S. I am not exploiting fellow photographers so please do not flame me... thkz...

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    hi all,

    thkz for all the mail... i will update u guys by tml nite...

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    Default Re: Sexpo Exhitbition (18 Nov - 20 Nov)

    will be keen to help on Friday.

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    Thank you all for your kind quires and help. Some of the fellow here enjoyed today and there will be some that will enjoy the next 2 days... Thank you again...

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