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Thread: Global Dimming.

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    repeat telecast on channelnewsasia now.

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    [QUOTE=sammy888]Global warming or the theory of Global Dimming is the end-game result of what action as individual and nations take each day. The world will end one day for sure but let that be by an asteroid where we really have to say is an act of god we have no control. But if we bring about our own extinction through greedy industrialists and stupid politicians...QUOTE]

    yes...agree here simple and yet it is ignore. what is the use when humans on earth is rich and have everything they want and lottsa $$$ but don't have a place to leave?
    i may not be around when the world ends.........but definately it is going to be sad to see it ends this way on humans hand.

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    Just watched it too. Very dim future..... A herculean task to avert the problem. As the documentary says temp worldwide will increase 2-3c by 2025. By then too late to reverse effect.

    Anyway, as said in the documentary, 20years has gone by discussing the Global warming thingy with minimum effort seen - so another 20 years IMHO still no change.

    I think when develop and 1st world nation get seasonal catastrophe like major forest fire, flooding, hurricanes until their economy get beaten badly, then - maybe, somethig is done.

    Sad to see our children's children inherit such a world. Maybe not so much nice scenery to shoot landscapes or macros of insects or flowers.

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    I made a short visit to IKEA on saturday just to get some batteries and behind the building i saw a couple of containers with fresh x'mas tress on sales. so many tress and people were Q-ing up to buy them. heard from the news that nowadays fresh trees like this are getting more and more popular during x'mas.......wonder how much of these trees had been chopped down just to meet people's request. guess human on earth still have a long way to know what harm they had done to earth.....or some of them will never never know.
    just a point striked across my mind when I saw this.

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    And sad to say government all over the world are preoccupied with politic and making $$$, who care about environment. And wasting time on negotiating in WTO that bring little or no benefit for developing countries. I rather they focus more on environment.

    okok maybe off topic...

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