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Thread: D70, Manual or AP or SP

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    I am using the Nikon D70 to shoot. Only recently have I started trying to use Manual mode, mostly I use the AP mode. What's the difference between the two. I realise that with Manual mode I can control both Ap and Shutter speed.

    Am I correct to say if I use AP mode, I just have to worry about the AP and the shutter will take care of itself automatically?


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    When u use the AP, the camera auto selects the Shutter speed based on the metering of the light that ure camera meters.

    For a specific scene, the shutter speed the camera chooses (with a fixed Aperture setting) varies according to how you set the metering mode (Matrix, centre, spot) u set on the camera.

    Manual mode lets u set the Shutter and Aperture manually when u dont particularly agree with the camera's metering. For instance, the camera meters a scene and determines the optimal exposure by adjusting the shutter speed when u set to a given value of the Ap. Lets say u want a more sombre and dull mood and want to underexpose the shot by 1 stop, u set to Manual mode, to adjust the given Shutter speed by 1 stop slower.

    This is what i normally use the manual mode for. Hope you understand my ramblings!...


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