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    hi guys, when i am using my 300d with a canon 50mm F1.8, to take the following shots of children playing sparklers, i get this reflection that is on the opposite side of the picture, meaning if u consider the centre of the picture as the point of axis then there is a duplicate of the light source on the other side. i hope these pictures illustrate it, what is the problem?

    in this one the artifact that i am referring to is at my daughters chin.

    in this one, u will see the greenish circle of light on the left that is a reflection of the actual sparkler trail held by my son on the right.

    any suggestion what the problem is?


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    Looks like ghosting. Refer to this thread for more information (post #7).

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    Did u shoot at max aperture f1.8? U can try reduce to f4 or f5.6.

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    do you have a protective filter on the front of your lens (eg. UV filter)? if you do, try taking it off before shooting.
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    Thanks, i have tried removing the uv filter and the same. may try smaller aperture. Was concerned that it was faulty lens or something that i have to replace.



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