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    Panasonic FZ5. ISO 100, f/3.3, 1/800 s

    Took this while the sun was setting. I like the way the light brings out the many horizontal and sloping lines in the sand. Something different from typical Singaporean landscapes! Any comments?
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    This somewhere in Tampines? A sand stockpile site?

    Well if you have been in NS and had trained in the training areas, you've seen plenty of these.

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    Try converting it to black & white (, it may make the sloping lines stand out more

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    How does this look? Too much contrast? I put +90% for Red, +20% for Green and +10% for Blue, then added a Curves layer for more contrast.

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    maybe crop or clone away the fence and the signboard and paste on a huge moon and u have a fantasy pic.


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