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Thread: NoteBook for photo edits Recommendation

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    Default NoteBook for photo edits Recommendation

    Hi all

    I know this is always one of the hot topics in the Photography world, But I would acquire more info from everyone before making the purchase.

    Actually I am looking for a justifiable reason to buy the Macbook pro 15 over the 13. My budget suits the 13 basic model though, but after many readings through on the internet, the 15 model seems to be the winner over the 13. So if the 15 inch is really that good, I will save up more for the 15 instead.

    I will do light photo edits (below 50 pics) normally and edits up to 4000 pics after a trip (only once a year). and I will be bring it with me for travelling.

    I am open to other brands of notebooks, yet macbook seem to be more worth the spend.

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    I used to use the 15 inch MBP. Served me well and thought it was the minimum thing to go. Had it for 5 years lugging around the heavy weight (not a fun thing to do really).

    When it broke down, I bought the 13 inch MAC Air. To my surprise, it does the same thing as the 15 MBP minus the weight!! I can even do intensive video on it! Duh!
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