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    Date: 26th November 2005
    TARGET: Big Boyz Toyz ala Asian AutoSalon 2005
    Shooting Location: Singapore Expo Halls ?? (Expo MRT Station)
    Duration: Whole Day Affair
    Tickets cost S$8.

    Event: Asian AutoSalon 2005 - Lots of Cars (Super Cars; Designer Cars; Fast Cars; Fantasy Cars: Concept Cars; Classic Cars; Convertibles; Sports Cars and more.) and FHM Race queens. Highlights include the Lamborghini Gallardo, Lotus Exige, Mitsubishi EVO IX and Jackie Chan’s Limited edition Evo.

    Meeting Place: Expo MRT Station
    Meeting Time: Refer to Photog's Schedule
    Attire: Casual wear

    Things to Bring: Camera equipment, tripod/monopod (optional), Batteries, Extra Storage, Flash gun.

    Photog's Schedule (Tentative)

    XXXXhrs - meet up 15 mins before doors open.
    1130hrs - early lunch before the crowd musters (@ Burger King)
    1600hrs - Fallout
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    Start the ball rolling. Please pm me your contacts for newcomers.

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