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Thread: Need help with USPS.

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    It should be delivered to you soon, within 1-3 days. The airplane that brought the shipment here has departed SG for its next destination. Your package is being sorted by the local company handling it, could be SingPost or a courier based here. The final stage is it will be handed to the delivery section who will bring it to your home. If no one's home, call the number on the card to arrange for delivery date & time. If SingPost, collect at post office stated on the card.
    I see. Most probably I need to head to SingPost. Because when I ordered the item, I haven't move house. If I change the address to my current house, I need pay an amount. So ya.. Thanks for the info.

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    just go to your post office (nearest to your old house) and give them the tracking number and ic. say you never receive the delivery notice. if the item is not there, then try to call singpost to help u forward to new address.

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    So the weird thing happen. The tracking site says that the item is delivered. But I went to my house and check. Nothing was there. Called SingPost this morning and asked them. They say they will get back to me next Tuesday. Should I just wait?

    Edit: so SingPost called me just now, they claim that they have already delivered the item to my letterbox yesterday. But I've checked today and it's not there.
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