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Thread: Intake 11 - Photography (Includes Digital Image Editing)

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    Default Intake 11 - Photography (Includes Digital Image Editing)

    Photography Course - Intake 11

    Hi Everyone,

    As intake 10 is about to complete , I'm puttin gup this thread for those who may be intersted to sign up.....Syllabus have been widened to include Digital Image Editing.
    For the coming Month of November/December......dates to be announced.

    Objective:- This is to cater for those who may have less flexible timings on your weekends.
    - This lessons are cut to cater for those who are starting up and would like to learn and take up photography.
    - For those with cameras, you'll learn how to make use of your tool to its fullest.
    - New Digital Image Editing to be included in the revised Syllabus to cater for those wanting
    to know the key finger-tips features in Photoshop.

    There will be both theory and practicals (Day and Night) - as well as photo critiques session as you go along.

    It will be a four sessions course - at some flexible timeslots. Each time slot would be around 3 hours.

    The group size would be restricted to 5 only (or more in special cases for work-place friends groups) - minimum course to start is 4. Corporate/institutional enrolments are welcome.

    Those who do not own any camera may still enrol. Here is the short description of the course content:

    The course content would be as follows:
    Part 1 - The Tool (Revised Notes)

    - Camera (basic equipment)
    - Fundamental of camera handling - correcting operator errors.
    - Shutter Speeds + Practicals - what to Use....When to Use?
    - Aperture Sizes (Which one is right?) - Concept of Depth of Field - its effect on Image
    - Putting all in Harmony - getting the most out of your tool.
    - A Feel in Metering - Part I
    - Practicals Field Sessions with One to One guide session

    Part 2

    - Accessment of your composition
    - Basic Composition guidelines
    - What to use and when to use - Exploring Creativity with Thematic Approach
    - Knowing what others see (Group Sharing and critique)
    - Practicals and guide session - Panorama Photography for stitching(digital) will be covered
    - Learning some day to day techniques to achieve desired exposure.
    - A feel in Metering - Part II

    Part 3

    - Introduction of usage of Filters for exposure balancing- Practical
    - Night photography - With and Without Flash
    - Outdoor Evening to Night Shoot - Covering Long Exposure techniques
    - Painting with Light
    - Discussions on Metering for Exposure III
    - Photo Critique and Q&A

    Part 4

    - OutDoor Morning Shot
    - Discussions on Metering for Exposure IV - Field tips
    - Digital Image Editing - Key Tips for your fingers...(Adobe PhotoShop)
    - Macro Photography - Opening a Whole New World of Photography - (notes will be provided)
    - Macro Photography Practicals
    - Photo Critique and Q&A

    And lots More.....What i will assure you is Pure Confidence !!!!!
    Lessons 3/4 may be swapped in its irder based on preferred timing of students.

    As the timings of lessons may be based on students preferred timeslots,
    there may be a time where you may be meeting with other groups in the class sequence.
    I have students as young as 12 yrs old and Parents too. People of allwalks of life, families are welcome to enrol.

    The example timeslots available are as follows:
    Morning: 8.30am - 12pm
    Afternoon: (Not avialable for this session due to Fasting Month)
    Evening: 6pm - 9pm
    Early Morning: 6.30am -10.00am

    The couse will begin anytime once 3 students have enrolled.
    For personal coaching (1 to 1 or private group) please do PM
    me for special arragements.

    The course fee is $75 per person:
    Includes: Fees, Notes.

    Do sends me a PM or send me an SMS (97310674) for further enquiries.

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    Default Re: Intake 11 - Photography (Includes Digital Image Editing)

    Something you all can learn from an experience photographer.


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    Default Re: Intake 11 - Photography (Includes Digital Image Editing)

    Upzz for Sulhan!!

    His digital (cheat my feelings) tricks r easy & simple to pick up, & they really work wonders for ur pic!!!
    ~ 迷失的我仍在努力寻找属于自己的蓝天 ~

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    Default Re: Intake 11 - Photography (Includes Digital Image Editing)

    PM sent.

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    Default Re: Intake 11 - Photography (Includes Digital Image Editing)

    HIee Everyone...

    Due to the overwhelming reponse to this coming 11th intake, i will be notifying in the order of those who have PMed me or SMS me......

    I will try my best to do a weekday slot intake for some of those requesting for wekdays evenings for the theory lessons. I'll work out something for you guys...

    I will send you a message to confirm your reservation and provide you course details...
    Thanks again for the great support and also to those past students that have given recommended friends/families....


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    Default Re: Intake 11 - Photography (Includes Digital Image Editing)

    PM send please check.

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    Default Re: Intake 11 - Photography (Includes Digital Image Editing)

    [QUOTE=sulhan]Photography Course - Intake 11

    I'm interested to form a class with my family members, Preferred dates : 2 half of Dec 05 My HP : 90705663


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