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    hey all...any one has fisheye lens converter? it worth buying?...if u got pics pls post it i would like to see its effect.
    btw would converters ( telephoto/wide angle ) affect the image..if so how bad is the quality?

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    it would definitely degrade image quality somewhat. that is for certain. you also lose a few stops of light. goto and read the part regarding Kenko TCs. they explain it quite well there

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    hey in ur it worth getting?

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    i think for hobbyist no point getting a Fish eye .. unless you're damn rich lah ...

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    haha abt telephoto or wide angle?

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    my $0.02 (noted from other threads that you have the D50 kit)...

    wide - your D50 kit lens is 18mm at the wide end already, do you need to go any wider?

    tele - more worth your while getting a reasonably priced 70-300.

    fe - one of those lenses that after you play around with, more often than not, ends up at the very back of the dry cabinets, if not on the B&S.

    sorry, no sample shots with a FE converter.

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