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Thread: What lens to get

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    Quote Originally Posted by ernie_ng81
    il be damn! nice photos u got there... though there's this area around the underwings of the housefly that attracts our eyes too much. but anyway, seems like it works alrite! heh...
    sure will work lah. their native brands DSLR can use, why can't use it on a E sys? as long as there's metering, u have got a whole wide range of lenses opened up for u. the investment in an adaptor i think its worth it.

    i think CP is selling the 100mm Tokina for $639. if u feel exp, u can buy a 2nd hand Nikkor 60mm 1:1 macro for about $430, that wud give u similar FOV as the ZD50mm. other options u can get is the Sigma 105mm 1:1 macro. but must remember to buy the older one with an aperture ring, else u can't control the iris. got a bit more money can go for a 2nd hand 105mm 1:1 micro Nikkor for about $690.

    i believe the distracting area under the fly's wings is some sort of ligament to aid flapping of the wings.

    the size of the fly in the actual uncropped pic is like this:

    so beside saving ur money, u have the flexibility to use other range of lens not found in the ZD line up. cheap & good yah?

    (ps. ur avatar reminds me of Stephen Chow movies, there's this 'kare leh fair' always dressed as a woman with moustache)
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