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    I'm thinking of starting up a fashion photography marathon course. So I'm briefly writing up what it could be like. From my experiences of teaching, i find it quite heavy to compress so many thing into 1 day's lesson. So hence the idea of having a marathon came up to my mind.
    Here's the initial draft. If you are keen maybe you would like to discuss what you will like to learn and see so I can also include it in the course.

    Day 1
    - understanding of fashion images used in magazines and commercial clients. This intensive workshop targets at building up visual aesthetics and comprehension of what fashion images is all about. The wkshop will do case study of international acclaimed fashion photographers to understand visual rhetorics and the possibilities of fashion as not only a commercial tool but also as an art form.
    Course fees: $150

    day 2
    - Studio photography. This workshop will give you insight to tip and trick on how fashion images are carried out in the studio setting. You will learn how to light up your subject, set, how to control your models, stylist and makeup artist, and be able to deliver what your client requires. This course also cover photo retouching on photoshop. will demonstrate from basic clean up to creating artist finnishing for more personal and professional feel.
    Course fees: $300

    day 3
    - Outdoor photography. This workshop will give you invalueable insight to how outdoor shoot is carried out. We will conduct a live demonstration using a selected location. This wkshop will be focus on appreciating of your surrounding and using unexpected situation to your benefits. Understand how layout of magazine works, and how to work on long fashion editorial spread if required. You will also learn how photographer light in outdoor situation and the nit and gritty considerations in every preparation.
    Course fees:$300

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    Interesting website......


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