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Thread: 3rd party E500 RAW support?

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    Default Re: 3rd party E500 RAW support?

    the quality output on studio(high function) is really GOOD har! (i am using the older version)

    1) can really extract more finer details - definitely better than jpeg, not that jpeg is that bad.
    2) give more natural colour - not as saturated as jpeg but good enough if pump it up.
    3) excellent noise reduction - from colour noise to fine grain. definite winner over photoshop.

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    Default Re: 3rd party E500 RAW support?

    Quote Originally Posted by nightpiper
    thats why in my post no.11 i have mentioned that its troublesome. i still strongly recommend the Studio software & now that its in the 1.4 generation already, users who upgraded have mentioned that its quicker to processed now, but still slower than 3rd party ones.

    but if ur criteria is to have a one software fits all solution, then i think CS2 is the final contender, might be worth a little sacrifice on quality to save some time.
    I just realise my mistake in my ACR settings. Remember to turn down the color noise reduction which is by default set to 25. No wonder the tree branches color are wrong.

    After turning the noise reduction off and using the high contrast curve, I find the ACR output QUITE similar to the oly viewer 1.4 output. So now happy. I think I will keep using ACR as it is SO MUCH more convenient to use.

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    Phase One has released Capture One V3.7.3 that supports E500.
    but this is just a release candidate without support.

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    Default Re: 3rd party E500 RAW support?

    No one using ACDSee Pro? I find this very good.

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    Default Re: 3rd party E500 RAW support?

    anyone using bibble pro4.7 ? not bad i think

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    Default Re: 3rd party E500 RAW support?

    Currently i am only using Adobe ACR and Oly Studio. More towards ACR as it is faster.
    Haven't got a chance to play much with Oly studio, but may find time to do so soon.

    I used ACDSee mainly for thumbnails viewing, as adobe bridge is kinda slow for that. ;P
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    Default Re: 3rd party E500 RAW support?

    1.RawShooter premium is faster pro is good
    3.photoshop cs2 is good
    4.olympus studio is slow
    5.olympus master is slow

    my personal ranking:

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    Default Re: 3rd party E500 RAW support?

    I have tried and tested a few RAW conversion software (ACR 3.4, Capture One, Studio, SilkyPix) for E-330 ORF files. To me, Studio though slow still gives the best results in terms of colour and overall image quality.

    This is a comparison of conversion by Capture One, Studio and ACR.

    It is a 100% crop of this image:

    Capture One has the best workflow, fast and makes colour cast correction really easy but tends to suffer from pattern artifact problem if sharpening is not set to the minimum. Alternatively, if some sharpening is desired, the threshold level should be increase until the artifacts disappear. The artifacts are however not visible if the image is downsized though.

    ACR also have a slight pattern artifact problem which is especially obvious in skin tones but not as problematic as in Capture One. The colours are however duller and the tone darker than that of Studio.

    SilkyPix has often been reported to be able to reproduce colours similar to those by Studio ie Oly colours, but I find that the generic profile they used for E-330 conversion produced colours quite different from those produced by Studio.
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