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Thread: 3M cloth tape

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    Default 3M cloth tape

    Anyone use those Cloth Tape by 3M before?

    i'm from JB, so, it would be easier for me to get those 3M cloth tape in local stre rather than collect it in the MO.

    anyone use those 3M cloth tape before?
    or any tape which can be use to gaffer my equitment?

    if you used those 3M cloth tape before,
    how's the performance?
    and will it be very sticky when you remove those tape?

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    Default Re: 3M cloth tape

    No one ever use those "3M" cloth tape before??

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    Default Re: 3M cloth tape

    I suspect it's just regular masking tape that's made of fabric material, which means the adhesive used would not be good for gaffering your equipment.
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