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    Lightbulb Feather Problem


    I am using a iBook G4. I use Adobe Photoshop CS. I discover the feather option is a powerful tool. But whenever I want to try using the feather on a particular layer, the layer is not there.

    Now, when I placed that layer into the position I want it to be, then marquee it or masked it, only then there is feather option.

    Is this normal?

    Can Photoshop Gurus help me abit?

    Thanks In Advance.

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    Firstly, Im not really sure if I understand your question perfectly..

    But please take note (you might already know it as well) that generally, you can use the feather only after a selection is made.

    Hope that helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hanqiang1011
    But whenever I want to try using the feather on a particular layer, the layer is not there.
    Don't understand your question of "use the feather"... You can't use the feather without choosing a brush, eraser, mask etc.
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    Dun quite get the question, neither. It's basically either a feathered selection or feathered tool/brush. There's no "feathered layer". You may wanna read more of the PS help files (they do provide a great deal of info) or search google/yahoo (lotsa resources on the net).

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    hmmmm er..
    possible reasons:
    1) G4 is spoilt/not capable of using photoshop
    2) you don't really know what's feather

    I'll go with the 2nd option (I can always be wrong)...
    You can't "feather" an image. you can only "feather" a selection.
    Feathering = expanding the selection by N number of pixels.
    Over the N number of pixels, photoshop will decrease the % of the pixel selected by (100/(N+1))%
    so if u feather a selection by 1 pixel, then it'll increase the selection size by 1 pixel of 50%.
    Means if u delete that feathered selection, you'll have 1 pixel of 50% alpha chanel/colour info left..
    if you use a larger "feather", then you'll haf the effect of a gradient of colour going to transparent if u delete.


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