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Thread: What does the "macro" printing mean?

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    Default What does the "macro" printing mean?

    Acquired this EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM lately, it has a "Macro" printed on the
    rim, but I can not find the switch for Macro mode.
    Does it mean the constant min focus distance of 1.5m makes it equivalent to a
    macro lens at telephoto?
    Or does it work better under Macro mode of my 350D?

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    Default Re: What does the "macro" printing mean?

    i'm not sure how the 350D macro mode works. But I doubt the macro mode will have any effect on the lens you use. To get the maximum magnification ratio, you have to use it at 300mm at the closet focussing distance.

    macro mode switch on some lenses (like sigma/tamron) are just to let lens focus to a closer distance yielding a higher mag ratio.
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