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Thread: Missing file handler or EXIF information?

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    Default Missing file handler or EXIF information?

    Hi All,
    I was taking all the photos with my Nikon Coolpix 5000 with firmware version 1.8, I carry along my Digimate II-plus to store all my photos. However, to my horror, when I return home and try to access the photos. I got error opening 50% of the file. Through much research it seems that some of the information needed is not copy and causing the image can't be display. I got error like "no preview available" when I try to open the file with Windows pictures and Fax viewer. When I try to open it with IRviewer, it mentioned that file handler missing. I have made a comparision. By having it copy direct from CF to PC and CF to Digimate II-Plus. Apparently file size is the same but it just can't be opened. Just wonder any expert here could help me to solve my problem. Your assistance will be very much appreciated...

    Andy Yap

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    Hi... Anyone can help please? I really need to recover the photos, it is from my Melbourne trip....


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