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    Hi bros & Sistas,

    I've got a 25mm tube extension for macro. (no $$ for macro lense)
    Although it says AF, i think it's worthless cos the camera cannot AF loh. But nvm, i use manual then move myself back and forth.

    When i use it on my 18-70mm....i can onli macro at btw 20+ to 30+ mm and the lense almost touching the subject alr. When i use it on my 70-300mm...the range is bigger but i gotta stand super far away and the macro is not as big. Is this normal?

    Also i find i don't realli achieve a macro i want....see some bros with real close ups like eg. can see the spider's eyes etc.....can i do that wif my extension tube? If not, shld i add on some additional extention tubes or add macro filters...or both? any suggestions? Thank you....

    P.S. Sorrie if i posted in the wrong section, pls. advise. Tks.
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