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    Question Prepayment

    Hi there!

    I've asked client for a prepayment and she promised to report me to police.

    Have I done something wrong?

    I'm legally registered company in Singapore, the prepayment should be absolutely official via corporate PayPal account.

    Where I've mistaken?

    Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by yakuninanton View Post
    I've asked client for a prepayment and she promised to report me to police.

    That's a very odd response. Without knowing more about the specific situation, I think she just gave you your first warning sign to take a pass on this project. Stuff like this tells you that you'll likely have a very very very difficult time with this client.

    As far as I know, there's nothing wrong. If you seriously still want to work with this client (at your own risk of pain - But don't come and start a new thread here about "I gave the client all the photos, but they refused to pay me, instead they want to report me to police" ), you can try to find out more details about what they are actually objecting to. Is it the lack of any documentation or paperwork? If at this stage you guys can't communicate on basic terms like this, really, do yourself a favour and take a pass. Count yourself lucky that you got away before you put any serious time in.

    If you have a proper sales agreement/contract stating the terms and conditions of the deposit, etc., I don't see why any legitimate client would object. Of course, unless they are way bigger than you (gov, MNC, etc), they know you will have to accept their payment terms if you want their business.
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    Since she already said that, just say bye bye to her.
    It will be a mistake if you still want to do business with her.
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    Wow, oh wow! Something new every day. What's business to do these days?

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    give this job and client a miss. not worth the headache and heartache if that happens.

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    Out of morbid curiosity - how much prepayment did you ask here and what was the ball park figures i.e. in hundred in thousands. She can make idle talk like this all day long. Our dear Singapore Police not so free to that this sort of report - do believe go to make a report like this. On line filing is no use - since they see no case they will just do nothing; persist and then they will want to talk to you about you bothering them.

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    Ask her lah (Politely, if not she report to mother/father)

    Nothing wrong with prepayment -- maybe she misheard / misread something. Or she's psycho (I've had an encounter like that)

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    Need more details. Without knowing what type of service or goods you are trying to sell and the interaction nobody can tell you whether the client is crazy or you request is suspicious.

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