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Thread: PLS if you see this cat

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    Update: Hi bros and sistas, was there for quite awhile this sign of kitty leh....searched high, low, inside bushes and drains...ask security and construction workers also....not a single kitty in sight...haizzz....thanks to Lynn for helping out today and offering to half the vet fees if we found the kitty....(i think she kana headache frm the sun also...take care and rest well hor.)

    She mentioned that she saw a link to this posting on another cat forum. Hopefully, someone alr found the kitty and helped it alr. If anyone have updates, pls let us know yah? Anyone else interested to try our luck again, PM me k? Be kind to animals. Thanks everyone!

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    Default Re: PLS if you see this cat - and WE FOUND 3-LEGGED CAT AT LAKESIDE MRT - JURONG

    Hi - I am a cat (and all kinds of animals too) lover and I am very worried about the kitty - but I am also very heartened by all the kind souls here on CS - esp Lyn and Esdmond - so very kind of you to spend your time searching for the poor kitty. Let's hope and pray that someone has found the poor kitty.
    My hubby and I found a 3-legged kitty (one of her hind legs - the left one has been amputated - or maybe she was born like that) at LAKESIDE MRT STATION a few days ago. She's a brownish tabby - she moves around quite well and appears to be healthy. She has a collar around her neck but no tag - we think the tag is lost. She probably has an owner and the poor owner must be very worried - sigh .... but we are going to call the vets and ask them to check their records and then I am going to put up notices.
    If you know anyone who has lost a 3- legged cat - please tell them to email me ASAP -
    Thanks very much - if no one claims - we will keep the kitty ... sigh ... unless someone wants to adopt her. We already have 15 cats at home!
    Peace, alice

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    Default Re: PLS if you see this cat

    Alice - That's very sweet of you to keep the 3-legged kitty if no one adopts her.

    Anyway, I'm still very worried about the kitty. As Esmond said, we were looking for the kitty for a couple of hours all over Marina area. Though Marina Sq seems small, looking for an itty bitty kitty is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It would really help if someone post a picture of the general area where the kitten was initially spotted. It'll help us narrow down our search. Cats don't usually wander too far away from their familiar abode anyway. If I know the exact spot, I can even run down there for a quick search during lunch time.

    Peace out...

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