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Thread: What's the difference between erotic photography/art and porn?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darren
    It is predictable that this thread will sooner or later degenerate into mindless flaming due to interpretation or mis-interpretation of what one has to say and what someone else would prefer to hear, unless members have some thought into what they want to say (post) before actually saying (posting) it.

    The question is
    a) Do we (Mods/Admin) close off this thread and thus potentially stifle what could have been a legitimate thread (and hence perpetuate the notion that it is not suitable fodder for discussion in ClubSNAP when the reality is that discussion about eroticism, nudity or even pornography is not really a taboo subject provided that it is a legitimate discussion)?; or
    b) Allow the thread to go on and cause friction among members?

    I would rather see a thoughtful discussion and I do believe that most of us have frank opinions about this subject, but please be mindful of what you write before you click that Submit Reply button.

    For now, discussion is allowed, but should personal attacks or flaming occur, we will close this thread without notice.
    Thanks Darren - I am such a KLUTZ with this forum business - i couldn't remember where I posted this and I was looking for the replies -

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    Default Re: What's the difference between erotic photography/art and porn?


    Quote Originally Posted by mattlock
    Ok the private parts are your genitals,and areas receptive to sexual use. Anus and vagina mainly

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    Default Re: What's the difference between erotic photography/art and porn?

    Quote Originally Posted by mau_lovers
    I am going to do a research project for academic purposes on Eroticism and Pornography in Art: Is the line fine, defined or irrelevant? Just wanting to get some opinions - since photography is an art.
    Based on, pornography means "sexually explicit pictures, writing, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal"; while eroticism means "the arousal of or the attempt to arouse sexual feeling by means of suggestion, symbolism, or allusion (as in an art form)".

    If you look carefully at both these definition (not really a fair comparison of course, since one is from The American Heritage while the other is from Marriam-Webster), you will notice that the definition are very very similar. In fact, most people would have assume that these are synonyms. But then, do they mean the same thing?

    There's two ways you can actually look at this:

    (1) both means the same thing, with the exception that pornography refer specifically to the materials with the intent of sexual arousal; while eroticism are simply works that suggest to the intent of sexual arousal. It's really hard to put these into proper perspective, so allow me to use a rather bad analogy here. I guess most people here would have seen hard-core pornographic movie and also Austin Powers right? While the pornographic movie are straight-forward in detailing foreplays to arouse sexual intent before showing the actual intercourse, Austin Powers suggested numerous things that have sexual intent, from the way the actress behave (seduction scenes), to the linking of objects that suggested to erection and ejaculation. Austin Powers is in my opinion a work of eroticism, as compared to the straight-forward XXX film.

    (2) the different extent in which sexual arousal are brought across. Pornography are seen as a "bad word" not because of sexual intents, but because of the vulgarity involved. Straight in your face acts are simply unacceptable to the society (something which is incomprehensible to me too!). Eroticism on the other hand are much more subtle and while suggestive, do not come across as being rude, and hence socially acceptable. Frankly, most society are open to the idea of eroticism, but refuses to accept pornography.

    However, no matter how you define them, it's still a play of words at the end of the day. Ultimately, it's gonna boil down to how art is defined, from the point of view of the society and the artist, to see whether there's a relevence in differentiating pornography and eroticism in art.

    Good luck in your academic exercise. It's definitely gonna help in your thinking no matter how the result of the project goes.

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    Just a personal view here.
    Whether is Art or Porn, is really up to the viewer.
    If you see it as Art in your mind, then it is artistic.
    If you see it as Porn in your mind, then it is pornography.

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