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Thread: Nikon 17-35mm off axis?

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    Default Nikon 17-35mm off axis?

    After approaching Nikon Singapore but to no answer / explanation, I decided to ask my fellow clubsnappers for advise and perhaps remedy.

    So I notice that my 17-35mm seems to have a softness to the right size of the image.

    Imagine having a group photo with people standing in a row, the people on the right hand side of the image appear blur.

    Anyone of you encountered such issues?

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    Default Re: Nikon 17-35mm off axis?

    find a brick wall, set up a tripod, make sure your camera axis is perpendicular with the wall by checking all the lines are parallel in your framing, take some test shots on different aperture setting.
    if the test results confirm your doubts, than approach Nikon service centre again to ask them to check and rectify.
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    Default Re: Nikon 17-35mm off axis?

    Luckily I got my Sony for my holidays, whew, it worked better than Nikon DSLR.

    Heeded your advice and true enough, it's a problem with the alignment...


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