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Thread: 8-bit/ch and 16 bit/ch???

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    Default 8-bit/ch and 16 bit/ch???

    When I convert my RAW images, there is an option to choose either 8-bit/ch or 16-bit/ch. What's the difference?

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    Its the no. of bits to use for a primary colour.
    Your image is stored in RGB, 8 bit means 256 (2^8) possible shades of each colour, while 16 bits gives you (2^16) possible shades. Which is a LOT more.

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    Hi Zoomer, I've tried the 16-bit/ch but couldn't see any difference in colour compared to the 8-bit/ch. Has it got to do with my screen? Or will the colour difference be noted when I print the image out? But wow! The 16-bit takes twice as much disk space as 8-bit, as expected.

    Which is the one that most of you convert to?


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