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Thread: Slide show of images on CD?

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    Default Slide show of images on CD?

    How do I create a slide show of digital images that I've burnt on CD? I mean the type that we see on Powepoint slides but without using it. Do I need any particular software? Right now, I open each image file by file whcih I know is primitive and very troublesome! Sorry for the simple question... new to this! Hope you can help me! Thanks.

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    u can even burn the .exe file into your CD, and run that file from autorun.inf with command line options, so that once u pop that cd into the cdrom drive, the slideshow comes up immediately. Even tho the enduser does not have irfanview, it will still work.

    best of all irfanview is freeware.

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    Thanks tweek. I'll check it out...

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    See my Photo Gallery at the Clubsnap


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