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Thread: How much is LX-1 and the FZ5 cheapest?

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    Default How much is LX-1 and the FZ5 cheapest?

    anyone knows?
    I think I've finalized my choices for Panasonic down to these 2...
    I wonder if the compact 8mp LX-1 actually produces better images than the 5mp FZ5 ? any ideas?

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    Default Re: How much is LX-1 and the FZ5 cheapest?

    first of all,you must ask yourself does size of the camera matters to you.

    a compact camera like LX-1 will more likely produce slightly blur pictures because it has less holding area especially at night.this is a problem most compact camera have at night.
    though LX-1 may have wide angle and 4x optical,but sooner or later you will crave for a 12x optical when your object is not near enough.

    for FZ5 at 12x full zoom,there is a need to use a tripod if the object is not bright enough so as to avoid focus problem.


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