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The V3 battery ain't really that slim, as compared to the previous Motorola models. In fact, I'm pretty sure that my old V3688 cell could still fit the V3.

And yes, there are concerns with Motorola battery-life. But can you frankly name me any hand-held device that doesn't have a battery-life concern? How many of you guys would dare to go on a 2 days trip with just one battery for your digicam, without a charger?
Well mine last pretty long....and talking about the V3688..I still have that for my hiCard! heheh ...In fact I still have the first Motorola "brick" phone and first startac folding brick phone until about a year ago when I sold them to a collector.. I have to confess I am pretty much a Motorola phone fan till I bought the only other brand I ever own that is not Motorola..that being the Sony Erisson 610. I was thinking of getting the V3 last year and then also considered the black one but I have heard some pretty "un"motorola stuff about this one being a look good but not very good inside phone. Since the day Motorola decided to be as pretty looking as all the other phone, quality has dropped. There was a time I use to throw my phones against the wall..hard and see it break apart and then I would fit them back up to use again..just to show my friends why they should buy Motorola heheh. These days...to throw a V3 on the floor, I am wondering if it will survive heheh.

Want better battery life, never buy those all in one devices...that or get a few batteries as standby. I rather have a PDA for my data stuff, my ipod for mp3, phone for calling..etc.Anyway you cant have the best of everything in one way or another lah heheh.