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Thread: today's Urban - Photo-shop till you drop

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    Lightbulb today's Urban - Photo-shop till you drop

    even bloggers are doing it. I haven't read the full article yet. share your views.

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    Quite a norm isn't it? Photoshop is rather an essential tool, and face it, we do not simply add a border or whatever captions you want; you will eventually touch the colours, the saturation, the contrast even perhaps to a rather extremity level, the eventual position of objects - that is to superimpose objects artifically that do not exist at the first place.

    I for one, cannot survive, and will not allow my photos to be released without going through the great Adobe creation. With the new addition of Raw Image handling ability in recent updates of the software, how could one not exploit the functions of it?

    If you do not have the necessary skill in photographing, it is a criminal to stain our eyes. However it will be just and wise of you to "photoshop" it, and at least by avoiding calling yourself a "geninue photographer".

    Of course, "photoshop" is another set of skills. Newcomers in both photography and photoshop find themselves in an isolated spot, unless of course they are awfully talented and mastered the both fields in close proximity of the time they began their quest in photography.

    I started photography only in 2004, but graphics designing in 1999 and I knew quite much how it feels to release a photo without post-processing it.

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    Lightbulb Re: today's Urban - Photo-shop till you drop

    time to throw the camera away, be a d.i. artist, better $$.

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    wahh these guys are so pro. i cannot for the life of me imagine how they do that. can increase bustline, increase butt, change clothes colour.

    but maybe im just lousy

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    dun 1 2 photoshop myself ah, pic so nice, real person not up 2 standard. dun 1 ppl 2 giv me look, den walk away paiseh...

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    I never realised the extent to which you could photoshop contours. It was certainly an eye-opener for me.
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