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    Seeking your comments on this pic. I feel it is empty. Not good enough to be a pic yet. Something's missing about it. What are your views? Thanks for any comments.
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    imho, the water is overexposed. more than the technicality, the brightness of the whole image goes against the idea of the storm. with an impending storm i expect a darkening of the ground due to dark clouds and yet maybe have part of the sky or ground bright to contrast it with the impending storm. the clouds in your photo are all over the sky so there is nothing impending and hence dynamic about the whole scene. it appears very static.

    please understand that i am criticizing the weather conditions, something you could not have controlled

    if you are not trying to capture a storm, i would go the other way round and shoot at maximum f-stop and make the water look silky smooth to give a sense of calmness to the whole image. but then i guess morning or late evening would be a better time. right now it appears to be mid-day.

    hope these comments help

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    I got no problem with what you said. In fact I think you are dead right. It was close to noon and there was no rain eventually. So indeed no storm impending. The camera didnt lie after all.

    What mood do you think the pic conveyed? Calmness? Serenity?

    If I had titled it Peace would that be more what the picture is saying?i

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    a few lightning streaks will make it complete..

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    for lightning i have to wait many many years i think ...

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    i think a lot has to do with how the light hits the water. even though the waters are calm in this case, they dont appear so because of the almost perpendicular light hitting it.
    maybe like this

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    Hi..those clouds u have there look so peaceful, how to brew a storm ???
    Here is one I took back in july or aug 2005. A series depicting a sumatran squall invading Changi airport.

    p/s: the time space between the 1st pic and the last is around 5 minutes only!

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    Did some work to reduce the exposure of the water and try to darken the whole mood:

    Any better?

    Or its easier just change the title?

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    i think your second image looks much better than the first one mainly due to the darker water and higher contrast between the dark and bright areas of the sky.


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