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    Hello to all moderators & senior member of CS, I have some queries n hope some kind soul can help me with it. Recently I got a 2nd hand 50mm f1.4 lens. Is it common for prime lens to collect dust just behind the front element. As far as I know zoom lens are more prone for dust to be collected. So therefore is there somewhere I can get it cleaned up for a cheaper price instead of going to the respective service centre to get it done. Do refer somewhere or someone who can get the job done.( Kindly provide address or contact number). Thanks very much!

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    Hello, I wouldn't be too worried unless there's fungus, or there are large enough specks of dust that affect the quality of your images. Fine dust is literally everywhere. I think if you look hard enough, you'll find dust in any lens that is used on earth.

    Take a read:

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    Agree. Leave the dust. It will take an entire colony before it really affects the image.

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    Yes, it's very common to get dust in the lens. Even if you get it cleaned at the service center, I'm not sure if they can really get it cleaned until completely dust free or not. Even if can, after some usage, the dust will (confirm) be back again.

    As Kandinsky and Octarine said, don't worry about it, It will really take alot of dust to really affect image quality...
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