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Thread: What for what?

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    Red face What for what?

    I know its a noob qn. but may i know what mm lenses are for what purposes?? 90mm for macro....or what???

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    What is more important is the angle of view the lens gives you and how you use it.
    there are no fixed rules to what lens is best for what subject.

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    as ortega said, there are no rules. with a wide lens you can see more (larger field of vision) and with telephoto you see less. this has nothing to do with magnification factor which is one of the prime considerations of a macro lens. so you could shoot macros with a 12mm lens, 90mm lens or a 300mm lens as long as you are happy with its magnification factors.

    as a very very broad thumbrule, wide angles are used for landscapes and telephotos for wildlife, but it is dangerous to generalize like this.


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