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Thread: 05-06 MAR 2016 [SAT-SUN] 波波的内在美

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    Exclamation 05-06 MAR 2016 [SAT-SUN] 波波的内在美


    Credits to all photographers for their work contributions.

    Wait a min...Are you sure we bringing in this lovely lass from Taiwan ?
    YES, WE ARE !
    It's a very very rare opportunity since not many SG photographers shot her before.
    She had exposure to many years of portraiture shoot experience.
    Best kept secret in Taiwan ? For you to find out !
    More nose~bleed images coming up. Stay tune !

    DATE: 05 MAR 2016 [SAT]
    SESSION A: 0900hrs - 1100hrs
    SESSION B: 1300hrs - 1500hrs
    SESSION C: 1700hrs - 1900hrs

    DATE: 06 MAR 2016 [SUN]
    SESSION D: 0900hrs - 1100hrs
    SESSION E: 1300hrs - 1500hrs

    Venue: Indoor Hotel
    Theme: Lingerie
    Slots Ratio: 5:1
    Cost: $130/pax

    *Huge continuous lighting provided.
    *Advance payment/deposit not required.
    *Do inform us of any adjustment to match your preferred timing.

    To join & register, kindly pls sms/whatsapp to
    i) GERALD @ 9337 7253
    ii) CK @ 9006 9724
    ii) JASON @ 9363 7793

    Do click on our top-left hand Logo.
    It will bring you to our FB page.
    Thank you.

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    Default Re: 05-06 MAR 2016 [SAT-SUN] 波波的内在美

    More More Thurs !!

    Credits to all photographers for their work contributions.


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