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Thread: Free Business Sharing Meet up - 21 Feb 7:29pm

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    Default Free Business Sharing Meet up - 21 Feb 7:29pm

    Hello everyone...

    I would like to invite CSer to join my Free Business Sharing Meet up on 21 Feb 2016 at 7:29pm in my studio in Joo Chiat.

    Moderator Catchlight and Simon has kindly approve my posting in this section.

    Currently, there are 8 people in the class and I am happy to take about 6 people from this forum.

    This event is free but I have created very rigid rule in attending this event.

    To join:
    1. Message me through
    2. Make sure you can attend and can attend and will be able to arrive 15 minutes before the event.
    3. You know you are accepted if I have added you into the group chat.
    4. If you committed to join but fail to arrive on time, you will be barred for my future sharing.

    Just a little background about me:
    I have started Tomato Photo in 2008 in genre of Children and Newborn Photography which become very popular genre in recent years. 6 digits turn over within the first year and we have grown to 7 digits turn over with another Subsidiary company call Bambini Photography for the last few years.

    I always believe that a good photographer need to be a good business person in order to succeed in this competitive market.

    There are a lot of good courses out there teaching you the technical and artistic aspect of photography, but there is nothing in the market that teach photographer to be more business savvy.

    So I have decided to do one to give back to this community. In the hope to lift a general business knowledge in photographer and so they can help more people to create a supportive ecosystem for photography community.

    Here are some review from my last sharing session in Dec 2015
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    Hart Tan
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    Default Re: Free Business Sharing Meet up - 21 Feb 7:29pm

    kudos to your effort.

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    Default Re: Free Business Sharing Meet up - 21 Feb 7:29pm

    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelLee View Post
    kudos to your effort.

    Just giving back...

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    Its officially full guys.

    So far I have 1 person from this forum who contacted me and wanted to be at the talk.

    I thought many people complaining about how tough and competitive this market is, but unwilling to learn to become better.

    Oh well.




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