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Thread: Waterproof Casing or Camera?

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    Default Waterproof Casing or Camera?

    Hi guys,
    I currently own an Olympus XZ-1.
    I used to have a Dicapac casing for my camera to take photos of my kids when we go to the pool or beach.
    A few days ago at the pool, the Dicapac casing gave way. Luckily, I managed to save my camera somehow from getting wet.
    Therefore, I am not into Dicapac at the moment.

    I would like your advise whether is it worth to get a new waterproof camera OR get an underwater housing instead?

    Typically for photo taking at pools, beaches and water parks

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    What's your budget?

    Underwater housings don't come cheap, plus you may find it difficult to find the Olympus PT-050 Underwater Housing in stock. Looks listed as discontinued on many sites. Chanced upon a CS review here btw:

    If you don't intend to spend much, I would get another Dicapac, but do a leak test before each time you intend to use it (which is good practice with any type of underwater housing/casing).

    If you have the budget for a replacement, yeah, I would go for a waterproof camera. If you don't mind the limitations of a fixed lens and a small sensor, perhaps you might want to consider an action camera? Those have the advantage of coming with a underwater housing.

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    Default Re: Waterproof Casing or Camera?

    TS - since you are already using a smaller sensor camera, perhaps you should consider a full waterproof camera like the TG-4? Probably will be able to set your mind more at ease when you use them at the pool or beach since they should be able to withstand certain knocks and scratches.

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    I think got waterproof casing for iphones.
    WTB Manfrotto RC4 L Bracket

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjackal View Post
    I think got waterproof casing for iphones.
    Thank you all for your valuable feedback. I am going ahead to get a simple small waterproof camera like panasonic ft-30. Only use it when we go to water area which is normally daytime so such a camera should suffice

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    since u are constantly taking ur kid water sport photo then a waterproof camera will be better. if that is for short then then just replace the u need.

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    I personally own a TG camera for it water proof function. should u want to go deeper into the sea then a casing for it will help. somemore this act like a double protection as it is cover up


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