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Thread: Fugus on lens

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    Default Fugus on lens

    Hi . I have dug out my dad's Canon DSLR out during spring cleaning. Am excited to use it . However Both the 18-55mm and the 18-200mm lens both have fungus on them.

    They wasn't kept in any dry box when i found them.

    Can the seniors please advise what should I do to get them into working condition again?

    Thanks In Advance

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    Default Re: Fugus on lens

    Contact fellow CS member fatigue and arrange to meet him to inspect your set. His hp is attach to his signature.
    Good man and you can trust him.

    By the way which model is the body?

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    Default Re: Fugus on lens

    And get a dry box / dry cabinet. Otherwise you will have the same situation again, very soon.

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    maybe time to upgrade to stm lens

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    Default Re: Fugus on lens

    Actually, they may still be working fine.
    You can just try to use them and see if they affect the photos.

    To get them cleaned, you can get a quote from the repair shops in Peninsular Shopping Center or Adelphi (eg. Camera Workshop, Cam-X; Camera Hospital)
    Check the price first as you might be better off buying 2nd hand here on BnS if its too expensive.


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