I am thinking of bringing my B/W negatives to a shop to have them printed instead of developing them myself at home as the biggest developing tray I have can only do 8 X 10 photographs and I'm looking to print them much bigger, probably A2 or A3 size. Does anyone know where I can get these done professionally(as in a place of high standard that you would highly recommend). I would prefer if these pictures were handprinted and I could choose the paper myself as I know what finish I want (Agfa Semi-Matt Fibre Paper). I also require some of the pictures to be cropped the way that I want them.

Does anyone have any recommendations for:
1. A place I can get this done(what i have mentioned above)
2. or a place that prints them on a machine but still looks great as well

And would anyone know what price range I would be looking at for something B/W A3(or around there) size?

Thank you very much.