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Thread: Slide to Digital workflow suggestions?

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    Default Slide to Digital workflow suggestions?

    I'm not a regular slide shooter, and have switched to a mainly all digital workflow. If I'm shooting slides for an upcoming event should I mount or leave the slides unmounted? I usually pick the best slides and convert to digital so am looking for the cleanest way to do this with minimal hassle. Will mounting the slides make it harder to scan later? (sorry pretty noob with slides, mainly shoot digital now and b&w)

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    Default Re: Slide to Digital workflow suggestions?

    get them scanned 1st b4 mounting.

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    Default Re: Slide to Digital workflow suggestions?

    As far as I'm concerned, there's no reason for you to mount it on slides. Unless you're planning to do projection, you might as well get it developed in sleeves and scan it like that. First, its cheaper without mounting, and saves you the hassle of later cutting up the film and mounting it. I dont see any advantages of mounting it on slides. On most current scanners, scanning film and slides should be the same.
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    do listen to kex. he charges cheaper for scanning if your slides are unmounted.

    i have most of my slides mounted, as it offers me better organisation (i shoot a lot), and i can get rid of the ones which are not so outstanding, but scanning later is more expensive.

    if this is for a normal event, just shoot and process unmounted.


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